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Salt Spring Community Theatre runs on volunteer power. If you’d like to be involved, there are many ways you can take part. You can:

  • Audition for acting roles in our plays.
  • Use your talents backstage in one of many capacities (props, costumes, set, etc.)
  • Run for the Board.
  • You’ll find links to job descriptions below, so you can see what suits you best.

production roles





Stage Manager:


Assistant Stage Manager:


Set Design:  Responsible for a graphic outline of the set – walls, doors, position of windows, furniture, etc.  Often these details are provided in the script, but usually are tweaked to fit the stage size.  Must be approved by director and/or producer.  Often the director looks after this.


Set Building:  Builds the set put forward by the set designer.  Tweaks it with input from director, producer, set designer.  Responsible for set only; that is, walls, doors, windows, stairs, etc., not the furniture, props, etc.


Set Decorating:  Creates the visual aspect of the set, and finds the appropriate furniture, curtains, set pieces, rugs, etc.- everything to make the set look exactly the way the author/director/producer want it to look.  Items should be run by director/producer for appropriateness to the production & to the size of the stage.


Set Painting:  Responsible for painting the set that is built, according to the director’s/producer’s description.  Usually takes several people and at least 2 sessions.


Wardrobe :


Dresser/s :  Assistants to the wardrobe head.  Needed to assist cast members in donning costumes, and particularly essential to quick changes (some have been less that a minute).  May need to stay for the duration of each performance if quick changes happen late in the play.


Props :


Sound :


Lighting :



Publicity:  Responsible for writing or arranging articles and information about the production, photos where necessary.  These typically include the following:

Ø      at least two items in Salt Spring Exchange, with catchy title, brief description, information on venue, dates, price, etc..  One photo can be included in each submission.  Should start about a month before opening, to catch peoples’ interest, then remind them of the show.  (no cost if not a featured item)

Ø      Driftwood article: the issue about a week before opening night should be an article about the production.  This can be written by the publicity person (run it past director or producer), or simply arranged, such as an interview with the director.  Good rehearsal photos can be submitted, but may not necessarily be used. (no cost)  The issue right before opening night should include an ad for the show, either the poster or something different.  Cost item, not inexpensive.  Also ensure the designated Driftwood reviewer (Elizabeth Nolan at present) receives one or two comps for the opening weekend, so that a review can be written.  Be sure to include pertinent information in the Driftwood calendar as well- “What’s On?”

Ø      Marketplace: Comes out every 2 weeks, so contact them for deadline: . Will include a free article & photo.  Publicity person can write this, get approval from director or producer.  Provide a comp if this happens.  Push for a cover photo, which they often have done.  An ad can also be placed for a fee, which is much less than the FishBowl.

Ø      Posters (cost item).  Producer will likely find someone to design the poster.  Once printed, assist with posting around town.  Typically posters for distribution are put in the Community Theatre box at SS Books and cast or crew members post them around the island.  These have traditionally been venues for posters, or mini-posters (ask permission) :  ArtSpring (if selling tickets), Apple (if printing poster), Sushi 2 Go, Treasures of the Heart, Ganges Stationery, OMG, Love My Kitchen, TJ Beans, SS Pharmacy, Mondo Trading, SS barbers in Gasoline Alley,  Library, Choices, SS Sound, Core Inn, Island Savings, Swimming pool, GISS, Cafe Talia, Stores in Gasooline Alley, Fernwood coffee shop, Fulford ferry, Island Variety Store, and Bulletin Boards at Country Grocer, Barb’s Buns, the Ice cream/Soup business, Visitor Centre, Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Coffee, Nature Works, Salt Spring Books, Moby’s downstairs, near Grace Point liquor store, PARC building, any boards/windows in Fulford, Fernwood.   Also print enough to supply cast & crew with a cpy for their vehicles.

Ø      And any other bulletin boards you can find!  These venues will likely change each time.  For businesses that are up & running, always ask permission.

Ø      Roadside signs: Pegs can be found from previous publicity people.  3 – 5 roadside sings, professionally made with great lettering & painted images to highlight the show.  Beside Hydro is good.  Central is very windy.   By the Golf Course side is also good.  Need acrylic paint, fabric paint (paints at SS Books and Island Variety), coroplast (available at Windsor), to do this.  And brushes (Island Variety).  Give yourself 2 days (minimum)  to design, paint, dry, & put up, if you want a reasonably professional product.

Ø      Be prepared to repair roadside signs, replace removed posters, etc.



Poster: Responsible for designing poster and submitting to producer and/or director  for approval before printing or distribution electronically.  Typically includes either photos of all or some cast members, or art work significant to the play.  Publishers also specify what must go on the poster and other details, such as the author’s name, font size, etc.


Program: Responsible for designing program for the performances (cost item for printing).   Get details on content from director & producer.  Typically contains cover art & information (sometimes a copy of the poster), cast and crew, director’s note, other information deemed essential by publisher, thank yous, and advertising.  As the program is created, keep in touch with director and/or producer for approval before printing.


Front of House:


Makeup & Hair:  Must be present for each performance, as well as dress rehearsal, and often other evenings leading up to opening night.  Can often leave early if not needed later in the performance.  Must follow the direction of the director and/or producer.




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