Typically, auditions are announced on the website, SS exchange, the Driftwood, and through the Community Theatre email list.  Auditions are held in a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and usually by the director and producer.  Auditioners are provided with text from the play and asked to read, usually with others.  Auditioners may be asked to read several roles, and may be asked if there is a role they prefer, if they know the play.  There are usually call backs for those who read (or sing, when necessary) well.  In the event you do not get a role, consider the experience a way to do even better next time!

The director & producer will decide on who is successful for roles.  If no one is appropriate for a specific role, it will be advertised again.  When an actor is selected for a role, he/she is asked to accept it.


Once cast, each actor is responsible for the following:

  • providing the director & stage manager with any dates they are unavailable for rehearsals (if said actor has frequent unavailability, the role may be passed to someone else)
  • dedication to the play, rehearsal times, instructions by the director, producer, and stage manager
  • learning all lines by the deadline provided by the director
  • adhering to all blocking, wardrobe, makeup, hair decisions by director
  • accepting the fact we are all one big company and often inhibitions might have to go out the door
  • working well with wardrobe, hair, makeup, dressers, etc.
  • listening specifically to the stage manager once performances begin
  • Actors should NOT:
  • advise other actors on how to do their role  (talk to the director or stage manager)
  • change blocking without consulting director or stage manager in advance
  • direct the play during rehearsals while the director is doing her/his job
  • tell the director what you want to wear, or how to look (suggestions can be made, but the final say is up to the director), unless you have been asked to supply your own wardrobe items

And while actors are not responsible for the above…

  • Be prepared for some last minute changes, and be prepared to support other actors if lines are dropped, props fail, an audience member intrudes, etc.  That’s the fun!
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