Arsenic and Old Lace Comes to Mahon Hall!

This hilarious black comedy by Joseph Kesselring opens on April 5 at Mahon Hall.

Many of us have seen the wonderful 1944 movie highlighting the young Cary Grant, and also starring Josephine Hull, Peter Lorre, and Raymond Massey . Two very sweet little old ladies in Brooklyn serve homemade wine with quite a kick lonely men to send them off to their Maker, then have their nephew bury them in the basement. And that nephew, Teddy, also thinks he is President Roosevelt. Then their evil nephew and his plastic surgeon arrive and the entire situation falls apart.  The third nephew tries to cope with all the insanity while dealing with his fiancee,  even though he does forget he proposed to her.  Add a few policemen, a less than competent playwright, the head of a sanatarium, sandwiches, coffee, biscuits, wine, a few really nasty surgical instruments, and hilarity ensues.

Directed by Suzanne Rouger (Harold & Maude, Rumors, Peter on the Brink, Murder By Membership Only), produced by Sue Walker, it’s a delightful combination of chills and laughs, appropriate for the whole family.  Really!  Starring an amazing cast of talented local performers with Mary Lowery and Ann Stewart as the homicidal sisters, Daniel Squizzato and Metta McNairn as the lovers, Brian Box as the villain and Scott Merrick as his German accomplice, Ken Lee with a very loud bugle, and outstanding supporting roles by Clark Saunders, Saint McColl, Drew Underwood, John McColl, Dustin Van Wyck, Larry Woods, Craig Hickson, plus Julianna Slomka and Sam McCall in very grave roles.

Can Jonathan beat the sisters’ record of twelve?

Arsenic and Old Lace, a Salt Spring Community Theatre presentation, at Mahon Hall, April 5, 6, 7, and April 11, 12 13.

Concession by the SPCA, benefitting local animals, so give generously.

All shows at 7:30, doors open at 7 pm.

Tickets are on sale at Mondo Trading, $20.

No swearing, no sex, just dead men.

And elderberry wine will NOT be served at the concession.

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