Salt Spring Community Theatre Society is coming at you with some new & exciting things!

Starting immediately, we will be offering memberships in the theatre group and, as they say on TV, membership has its privileges. 
Our memberships will have different levels: $10 for those who love to participate in our shows on stage or behind the scenes as members of the cast and crew; a $5 youth membership for the under-18s; a $5 “supporting member” category for those people who love to come and watch our shows.
There are two very practical reasons for this move: We need to ensure that our insurance covers everyone working on our shows; we also want to draw up a “talent list” of members who are interested in helping out in all the different aspects of theatre.
I hear you asking: “So what will I get in return for paying for my membership?”
We are planning to introduce a tangible list of “value-added” benefits:
*A regular newsletter of SSCT events, news of our members and news of other Salt Spring theatre events.
*Regular monthly social events.
*Workshops on topics including directing, producing, stage management, costumes, set design, lighting design, sound design etc.
*Setting up a playreading committee to suggest upcoming productions and planning our “season of plays.”
*Offering scene development and stagecraft classes.
*Holding live playreadings.
While it may take a few months to get this up and running, I’d like to invite you to take the first step by filling in a membership form
With your participation, we’re looking forward to some exciting times!

Damian Inwood

Salt Spring Community Theatre Society

*Please, print out the form and either mail it and your payment to the address on the form, or drop of at SS Books, in the SSCT box.


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